Character of Ginny: 

Ginny is a girl who is extremely eager to please and to learn and she loves to work with you. Her character is very sweet, quiet and soft-spoken.

When are going to a show, you can see that she is happy in de ring but than she has a friendly tail.

Waterwork is her passion and will resque everything what is in the water.

She is brillant with other dogs, all breeds.

Some times she will saluut you with smooth bite in your hand.

In the house she is affectionate to her bosses. Also when we are watching tv she always lay next to you on the sofa with her head on a pillow.

She don't like high noises ( firework ).

She is used to horses, sheep, cows, chickens, goose but the little shetland ponys she likes the most. 

Character of Levi: 


He is brilliant with people, cats, children, other dogs (all breeds)  other males that he is not used to come to the house and he is fine with them.

He is very fit, he is good in the countryside, he is fine with meeting cattle, sheep and chickens.

In the house he is quiet and he has never chewed anything, although he is 5 years old, he still loves to play with the young dogs.

He loves to travel in the car and the van.

He is good at the vets.

The owners of Levi have never heard him growl. 

He is very strong, sometimes he gets very excited at shows (only when he gets into the show, not outside). The owners of Levi have to run him around the ring before the show starts to calm him down. 

He also loves to swim.

He doesn't like very loud noises.


Why this combination: 

Ginny and Levi are both well built dogs and with this combination we hope to achieve more bone and broader breasts. Character and health are very important for us, also Levi is a total outcross for Ginny.